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Shenzhen focus into the biggest LED lighting distribution
   Guangdong LED lighting industry after 10 years of development, has become the focus of the domestic industry district, is an important production base of national leds and trade center. Leds packaging production accounted for about 70 percent of the country,about 50 percent of the world, Part of the world and technology. From the number of enterprises, the national semiconductor illumination enterprise quantity of 50%. At present, the leader in shenzhen guangdong LED lighting enterprise 2,600 home province, LED lighting and related industrial yuan.our 310 million in 2009, total domestic LED nearly deodorants.
  LED lighting industry in Guangdong province as the key support strategic emerging industry in Shenzhen, currently has one of the leading development, has become the most concentrated industrial province and region. This is a reporter from the guangdong provincial research center of 12 promote Guangdong LED lighting applications conference on information.
  Guangdong Province LED lighting industry in Shenzhen, Guangzhou is the most concentrated. Shenzhen LED industry has been developing rapidly, LED lighting technology and product research and development, production and application of the enterprise has reached 700, downstream enterprises accounted for about 70% of the province. At present, Shenzhen has become the worlds largest solar LED lamps and lanterns production and supply base, LED back light major global production and supply base, the LED display the largest production and supply base, LED lighting lamps and lanterns package and LED the domestic main production area. In 2009, Shenzhen government have issued a LED industry planning, support measures including three files, powerful thrusting LED industry development, the strategic target is China LED industry technology innovation demonstration base and an important global LED product research and development production base.
  Federation of industry of Shenzhen LED to Wangdianpu introduction, Shenzhen has a complete industrial chain and supporting capacity, last year than the year before, Shenzhen LED output growth, 245 million yuan 35%, including export total sales income of about 70 percent.
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