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Government's support LED lighting industry have energy-savi
  LED lighting industry widely practiced in recent years Chinas government is causing more firmly attitude to push out plans of incandescent lamp, in addition, the domestic large-scale public facilities, etc. Have a horse, to increase the number of the use of LED lighting products.
  According to philips lighting (China) chief executive BiBaiLing revealed: at the China civil lighting, there is a value of about 400 million RMB.
  The energy saving LED lighting products that the reigns of future industry leading position: industry insiders with 1 only 11 tile energy-saving, for example, use high quality digital proved its absolute advantage: such a life of energy-saving lamps in 60 hours period, will have the same effect than 60 watts incandescent lamp, saving less power-hungry 294 kilowatt, curtail expenditures 160 yuan.
  The current domestic enterprise has LED many lighting products in the research and development investment, but the prospects, the enterprise is not clear. To be optimistic that recent work unveiled the first letter of national standard, lighting products for the direction of product development. Analysis of the personage inside course, in a whole new field at home and abroad, and a fierce and the competition.
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