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White LED lit green light to enter the interior lighting tre
   The successful development of white LED, the real light of the "green light" glory. With the constant progress of LED technology, LED light gradually from the flags to show the development stage to stage lighting applications, and its long life, high efficiency, energy saving features have been recognized, white LED interior lighting is more extensive areas are application.
   Many advantages of white LED interior lighting with white light LED used in a number of advantages. First, LEDs brightness and light color adjustable interior lighting to meet the requirements of color, lighting scenarios in the development of the market, with traditional light sources can not match advantage. Second, LED easy to dynamically control, in accordance with the needs of the user control the default cluster, and in some occasions require programming skills, can provide a reasonable solution for the intelligent management of indoor lighting and convenient. Third, LED compact, more decorative features, with the buildings by lighting the organic integration of default, to "see the light but not light" results. Fourth, LED, long life, no mercury, in line with the national "energy saving and emission reduction" policy requirements. Fifth, LED beam angle is within the absolute directional radiation for spotlights, downlights and other lamps, will help improve the next shot lumen ratio.
   With the LED technology upgrade, show the effectiveness of power, cost reduction, both in the international market or domestic market, LED has begun to enter the business or department according to Ming Shi home lighting market, showing a good momentum of development. Broad application prospects in the indoor lighting LED prices are still very expensive at this stage, but because LED lamps have higher luminous efficiency, power loss can be cutting costs, while a longer life, can reduce replacement and maintenance expense, therefore, consider the development of white LED interior lighting direction, relative to the traditional way of lighting (incandescent, halogen lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, straight tube fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps), white LED light is the most important return on investment considerations. After analysis shows that, compared to incandescent lamps, LED lamps of the investment recovery period is 1.7 years to 3.4 years; compared to halogen lamps, LED lamps of the investment recovery period is 1.7 years to 3.5 years. Thus, replacing incandescent and halogen lamps, white light LED applications have a very attractive rate of return on investment. Compared to compact fluorescent lamps, the department applications, LED lamp investment recovery period is 4.5 years to 6.2 years; compared to straight tube fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps, LED lamps do not have good performance of the investment payback period.
   Although the need to break through key technical white LED lighting in the room to expand the application areas share constantly, but white LED lighting is also faced with many challenges. LED lights only need to keep dependents chip or package the relevant parts of the performance, but more of a focus on LED lighting, the composition of electronic technology, thermal management and optical technology.
   The first is driven not understand the topic. LED only use DC drive, can not be applied at both ends of LED alternating current or voltage. Meanwhile, in order to obtain high-quality lighting effects, LED output stability, long life light flux, LED input current to be constant. However, the existing power supply system usually AC 120V or 220V. On the other hand, because the LED light source their own small power loss, so matching LED control device (including drivers) in the nominal state, the power loss to the school to meet the safety requirements of the conditions, LED control devices need to be examined and the LED light source combination of work at the rated voltage and frequency when the power factor. Given the inherent characteristics of switching power supply, the departments drive their high power factor is close to the adapter power dissipation of LED products, therefore, LED light source in the default drive, keep dependents should focus the energy efficiency of LED control level, an appropriate balance between the power line factor. Meanwhile, LED-driven dimming or control drive technology is a hot spot at this stage should be in accordance with the needs of different application scenarios, the control LED light switch, or adjust the LED light flux output. The main stage LED driver technology research to improve control accuracy, improve power factor, reduce their power consumption drive.
    Finally, do not understand the subject of optical default. LED is a directional light source, how the creative application of these two characteristics of LED, the light to create a peaceful environment is the default LED lighting technology, the core of science. LED light source typically has its own lens, or transmission material, used to improve the efficiency of light emitted, while meeting the light of about 120 degrees with light distribution, commonly referred to as an optical default. However, in order to meet the various needs of interior lighting needs to be re-allocated according to need of light, called the second optical default. Currently according to the different applications, different secondary optical means can be preset to achieve efficient, accurate light distribution requirements, like the total reflection lens, high reflectivity reflector, the light mixing chamber and so on. 
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